What is it?

La DOSE Pro is a specialized service of media monitoring.

Nowadays, news breaks out every minute. You need to keep track of news cycles that are relevant to you.

It’s simple: you pick the categories and keywords, and we provide you an update three times a day, as well as news alerts when needed.

We also monitor all the parliamentary proceedings for you – introductions of bills, bylaws, governmental reports, summary of question periods – everything surrounding Québec’s National Assembly.

With La DOSE Pro, you will no longer react to the news; you’ll be part of it.


Media monitoring. Parliamentary proceedings. Analysis.

Why be satisfied with yesterday’s news? With La DOSE Pro, you will receive the morning’s article, the 8am tweet that follows, the minister’s reaction by 11am, and the press releases of the interested parties at 2pm. A quick, concise and relevant follow-up, all the time. This is what we do at La DOSE Pro!

Our services

  • Media monitoring

    We will email you the news related to your line of work as well as the headlines.

  • Parliamentary proceedings monitoring

    Introductions of bills, governmental appointments, bylaws, documents of interest, reports, etc.

  • Summary of question periods

    Every day, you can receive a summary of the question period. As soon as your line of work is mentioned at the National Assembly, you will be in the know.

  • Analysis

    We can offer you an analysis of the issues at stake in various fields, like political news and introductions of bills.

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